Diet to lose 100? Were you set up to fail?

Childhood obesity stays with you as an adult

A diet to lose 100 is not going to be successful unless it is removing the excessive inflammatory fat on the body. The very unattractive inflammatory fat is the stuff that mainly sits around the waist and it is dangerous, it is the trigger for all the complications of obesity. Heart disease, liver disease and kidney failure in overweight people are all linked to the inflammatory fat, you must reverse this.  A diet to lose 100 pounds must be based on the scientific reversal of inflammatory fat and this is what most diets cannot do.


Failure from birth


Over the last 40 years the food makers have pumped dangerous food chemicals in the food supply which encourage obesity. The highly processed food chemicals are now a regular part of our children’s diets and researchers show that early weight gain is hard to reverse.  Starting overweight is almost impossible to reverse later.


Researchers from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health have found that a child’s weight in kindergarten is a strong indicator for their risk of obesity later in life.

They found that overweight kindergarteners were four times more likely to become obese by the 8th grade than normal-weight kindergarteners.


The team, led by Solveig A. Cunningham, an assistant professor of global health, examined data from approximately 3.8 million children.  A diet to lose 100 lbs must be able to address the inflammatory fat but most diets are not able to.


We have identified the problem as inflammatory fat and we know that the food makers help promote this. We know that most diets fail because they do not address inflammatory fat so what can you do? Science has given you the answer.


European researchers stopped the inflammatory fat by creating a diet that was fashioned off a diabetic type diet, this worked because obesity and diabetes are both inflammatory conditions. The results were that overweight people with or without diabetes all lost the inflammatory fat and became thin on the diet.  This was science giving you the answer to becoming thin and it worked. Why is it so hard to lose weight?


Addressing inflammatory fat is your key to being thin but few diets are able to accomplish this, but researchers showed that the diabetic styled diet removed the fat in overweight people without diabetes.


We have been set up from the start by the Food-makers to be overweight but with the help of science you can be thin, it is up to you. This is your diet to lose 100 according to researchers.




The original diabetic styled diet used by people without diabetes to lose weight in over 17 countries









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